Management Team

Dr Jack Yin Zheng, Chairman

Dr Yin is the founder and chairman of Trinity Innovation Bioventure Singapore Pte Ltd (TIBS). Prior to TIBS, Dr Yin was Managing Director of SDIC Fund Management Company where he led the investment of Dizal Pharma (spin-off with AstraZeneca R&D Shanghai), Ascentage Pharma (B06855.HK), CanSino (B06185.HK), Innovent (B01801.HK), BrightBene (688166.SH) etc. Dr Yin had more than 20 years of in-depth biomedical industry experience. Dr Yin has BSc and MSc of Nankai University and PhD of National University of Singapore. After PhD graduation, he worked with S*BIO and Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, responsible for drug discovery and development as well as project management.

Dr Zou Bin, CEO

Previously, Dr Zou served as CSO and CEO in various biotech companies, establishing and developing competitive pipeline of anticancer drugs. Dr Zou had 10 years’ experience in global pharma and invented phase II drug NITD609. He published more than twenty papers in high impact journals (including Science and Nature). Dr Zou received his PhD from Prof. Dawei Ma and postdoctoral training with Prof. K. C. Nicolaou.

Dr David Wang Xukun, Head Of Investment

Dr Wang has more than 20 years of experience in biopharma industry covering a wide spectrum of R&D, Project Management, BD and Research Operations. Prior to current position, he was Alliance Management Director, Asia Pacific for Sanofi from 2014-2019, and Associate Director, Strategic Alliance and Outsourcing for Novartis from 2007-2014 (all based in Shanghai). Dr Wang received his PhD and MBA degrees from National University of Singapore with awards like ISPMB Gold Medal and Best Graduate Student. After graduation, he played multiple roles (including scientific and managerial) in local flagship biotechs such as S*Bio and SingVax.